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Our Vision and Values

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Statement and British Values Statement

We want to share the school's vision and values with you, please read the information below:


This statement is written to provide everyone associated with Becontree Primary a clear understanding of the kind of school and environment we aim for.


School’s Vision Statement


At Becontree Primary School we believe in valuing the efforts of all, and work to enable everyone associated with the school to fulfil their potential and contribute positively to the educational experiences. The rules of the school underpin the phrase ‘Respecting One Another’, and embody the principle of showing respect and consideration for oneself and others.


The educational and social opportunities available to the children are the core purposes of the school. The staff led by the Head Teacher, and the governors led by the Chair of Governors, aim to work in harmony with one another to provide a high standard of education. Alongside academic attainment, we always foster a respect for the contributions that valid but different lifestyles and views make to the development of each of us as an individual.


The potential contributions that can be made by the local community in enriching and supporting the advancement of the children is valued and encouraged. Parents are seen as crucial to their children’s education and as such, we strive to involve them fully through open dialogue. Successful partnership is dependent on respecting differing views, accommodating them where possible and accepting the differences where necessary.


In practice, the above visions lead to a school where children develop their own academic potential through enjoyment of learning developed from good quality teaching delivered by people who care about the children and their futures. In the classrooms and playgrounds, children interact in lively but respectful manners showing consideration for the thoughts and feelings of others whilst also taking account of their own needs. As the children develop from age 3 to 11 we see them relying less on the guidance of adults in making the right choices, instead, being increasingly able to draw on their own experiences and judgements in making for themselves valid decisions appropriate to each situation.


The adults connected in any capacity with Becontree, feel supported in their roles and valued for the contributions they make to the development of the school, each other and the children. Having a career in education today means having challenging jobs to fulfil. Inevitably, there are pressurising times to work through but overall, staff enjoy a sense of satisfaction through a job well done and take pride in the contribution made to bettering children’s life chances.


The success of this vision will be most apparent when each person who had a connection to Becontree looks back at time spent here with a sense of pride in what they achieved and with a respect for themselves and others, which is relayed to all with enthusiasm and a confident smile.