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Welcome to Becontree Primary School

from the school’s Headteacher, Mrs. M. Ziane.

In September 2012 Becontree was inspected by Ofsted and they rated the school as 'good' in all 4 categories of Leadership and Management, Achievement (pupils' academic standard), Quality of Teaching and Behaviour & Safety.


By following the links on the website you will be able to discover a lot about the school, the staff and the children.


There are many pages which inform adults about the daily life at Becontree, which I am sure will show you how hard all the staff work in order to make the children’s time at Becontree as fulfilling as possible.


The children are expected to behave well and live up to our motto of ‘Respecting One Another’. All forms of bullying are unacceptable, including racist, cultural and homophobic bullying and any that do occur are dealt with. Children with additional needs are supported so that the school is fully inclusive.


We all work towards academic success for the children and when this is supported by parents in partnership with the school, great results are achieved. 

We are committed to providing our pupils with the best possible start to schooling and have a successful Early Years Foundation Stage (nursery and reception classes). Our last two Ofsted inspections graded our Foundation Stage as 'good'. Becontree is the only school in Barking and Dagenham to offer full time places to 3 year olds as well as part time places.

Our end of Foundation stage (reception year), key stage 1 (year 2) and Key stage 2 (year 6) SATs results have steadily improved in recent years and this has largely attributed to the 'good' rating by Ofsted in September 2012. Although recognised that many children come into the school below the expected standard, the results by the end of year 6 show that our pupils are broadly meeting the national standards and in some cases, especially in maths, are exceeding the national standards and at the previous higher level 5 grade replacd in 2016 with the 'working at better than expected standard'. 

Attendance across the school improved and we achieve about 96%, which was rated by Ofsted as 'high'. We attach great importance to punctuality and attendance and hold parents accountable when children are late or unnecessarily absent but this really is a matter we look to parents to resolve. Children's whose attendance falls below 85% (about 25 days absence across the year) are considered by the Government, not surprisingly, to be Persistently Absent. In 2015-2016 we had about 30 children 'persistently absent'. A few children had genuine long term illnesses but the rest were as a result of extended holidays or just poor attendance for no good reason. 


Children have opportunities to take part in a wide range of enjoyable experiences. The school's budget pays for children in years 3, 4 and 5 to go swimming in support of our aims to educate children to be healthy and stay safe. We have achieved London Healthy School status silver award and are now working towards achieving the gold award. The teachers organise whole class trips which support children's learning and from April 2012 the price to families has been capped at £15, any additional cost is currently covered from within the school's budget. Every class has an annual visit to a local place of religious significance as part of their religious education. In year 6, children can go to the Trewern Outdoor Pursuits Centre in Hay on Wye. Here they experience hill walking, canoeing, gorge walking, abseiling and caving. We often arrange excursions for relevant groups of children based on experiences offered to schools such as theatre trips, which have included pantomimes and a trip to a ballet. We regularly have visiting groups in school that range from multi-cultural story tellers to music ensembles and animals from the farm. We were successful in our bid for both Pre-Olympic and Olympic tickets.


We have regular visitors to the school who work with the children to compliment the whole educational experience. We have had visits from a Chinese acrobatic team, a display of birds of prey flying in the hall, an international skipping team, a maths puzzle company, a local 'Roman' and a visit from children’s authors to name just a few. In 2009 we had a demonstration from Danny Lawrence, one of Britain's top male gymnasts, a short video clip of his demonstration is posted on this site, and in 2011 Rion Pierre promoted sport in schools as one of GB's hopeful Olympic sprinters.


In 2015 we were involved in the celebrations to mark to 50th anniversary of Barking and Dagenham and some of our pupils were selected to welcome the Queen during her visit.


The children are encouraged to represent themselves and the school through a range of activities. We have a School’s Pupil Council which has been involved in making decisions about how a playground improvement budget should be spent. We had two Junior Road Safety Officers who promoted safety through competitions, sent a team to the local authority’s annual maths challenge day, sent pupil delegates to the ‘Children and Young Peoples Plan’ conference and we participate in the annual Barking and Dagenham Dance, Drama and Music Festival. Children are encouraged to become confident performers through timetabled performance lessons which are supported by a professional performer. The music curriculum is strongly supported by music specialists from the local authority's music service.


In 2006 a major building programme was completed when Becontree was selected to have one of the first and largest Children’s Centres on site. In December 2012 the Children's Centre was inspected by Ofsted and achieved a rating of 'outstanding'. This enables the local community to access many services from one building, designed to meet the needs of young families. The centre offers support for parents refining the skills of parenting young children, opportunities for continued adult learning suitable to the needs of a job market including training in the use of computers plus access to medical and social services and family support teams. There are opportunities for accessing full day care for children from 4 months old to 5 years old. School aged children can attend before and after school care provision up to the age of 11 years old as this is available from 7.30 to 9.00am and from 3.00 to 6.00pm.

Children are able to participate in a wide variety of after school clubs. Some run all year and some run at specific times of the year. The clubs vary from a board games club for the younger children to sports clubs for older children. In year 5 all children learn to play the guitar, taught by a music specialist. We have an extensive music programme in operation throughout the school from foundation stage through key stage 2. 


In January 2012 the school had an inspection of IT provision (computers etc.) by an Ofsted Inspector. The report was glowing with praise. Overall we achieved a rating of 'good' with outstanding elements.

If you want your child to do well and are prepared to support the school in achieving this then Becontree is the place to come.

Welcome to Becontree Primary School and Children’s Centre, offering support and learning to everyone.


Mrs M. Ziane