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The Wilden Caterpillars 


Today my family received a very special delivery - 5 caterpillars. They are about 1cm in length and they are starting to become more active. We have to keep them upright and out of direct sunlight. We also have to keep the lid of the container on. Can you guess why? 

I will post updates to show you how they are growing. Do you know what they will turn into ? 

Day 1


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Day 4 

The caterpillars continue to grow and are now about 15mm in length. They are very active and are crawling all around the pot. 

Day 6

As you can see, the caterpillars are becoming much longer. They are moving around a lot and if you look carefully, you will see they have spun webs. 


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Day 10 

Can you see the caterpillars ?  They are still there but now they are hiding in their chrysalis. Inside many unusual changes are happening.   

Day 11

Today we moved the chrysalises into their new home.The caterpillars should have attached themselves to the lid of the container, but as you can see one didn't. We are hoping it will still change into a beautiful butterfly. Watch this space.

Day 14 

This morning we woke up to a huge surprise. The first butterfly had emerged from its chrysalis!!

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Day 17

After watching our beautiful butterflies for a couple of days, today we had to say to goodbye and set them free. It took longer than we expected but it was a wonderful sight. I hope you enjoy the picture and video I managed to take . 


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Still image for this video