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Dance Club

Dance club is held every Thursday after school from 3:05 - 4:15pm. Year 4,5-6 children are able to attend and it is run by Miss Pearce. During the year, the dance members get to learn a variety of styles of dance including: street dance, disco, rock 'n' roll, ballet, jazz, Charleston, Latin and many more. The children are able to perform their routines to an audience and often showcase their moves in assemblies. We also take part in the annual 1 dance, 1 day 1000 dancers  initiative and any other events that become available. Look at the website to watch our previous dance videos. 

Afrobeats dance

Here is an Afrobeats dance that the dance club are performing

Celebrating Remembrance day alongside other schools

The children alongside other schools performed at Barking Town Sqaure to celebrate Remembrance Day

Dance Rio Video

Dance Rio Video