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Online Safety, Technology, Science and DT

General Resources

Computing Ideas


Home Learning activities from Barefoot Computing.

"Computational thinking is about learning to solve problems, with or without a computer. These problem solving skills not only support the computing curriculum in primary school, but also play a part in other subjects, from maths to PE, and can even be applied in everyday life!"


Have a look at some of these ideas from Scratch. Scratch is free software to either download or use online. See if you can create your own programme.


Kodu is another free programme where you can create your own games.


Test your online-safety knowledge with Google's Interland.


Science Activities


Simple Science experiments you can try at home. This is an American site so you may need to look up substitutes for some of the materials stated.


Here are some science websites that may be useful to you while working at home over the next few weeks.
All different units/ topics to choose from on this website

Some games to play and answers to questions about things in the world.

KS1 games and activities

KS2 games and activities

Experiments and questions & answers

printable worksheets


DT Activities


10 cooking activities to try: 

  • Tasty toast
  • Delicious dips and dippers
  • Scrummy scones
  • Perfect plant salad
  • Picturesque pizza
  • Fabulous fruit salad
  • Great green soup
  • Pleasing pasta
  • Brilliant bread
  • Fantastic fish