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Walk 100

Our Walk a Mile is currently on hold due to Covid restrictions but we will resume as soon as it is safe to do.

Children from years 3-6 and school staff can join in with 15 minute sessions before school and at lunch time in order to earn a mile. They earn rewards at certain milestones:


10 miles

Yellow band

25 miles Green band
40 miles Red band
50 miles Blue t-shirt
60 miles Dark-blue band
80 miles Turquoise band
100 miles Maroon sweatshirt and green metal badge
150 miles Skipping rope
200 miles Kit bag and blue metal badge for sweatshirt
250 miles TBC
300 miles TBC


How are we doing?

See the table below for a snap shot of our progress.


Term 2A 2020


Award Number of children and adults at this stage

10 miles

25 miles 23
40 miles 8
50 miles 12
60 miles 19
80 miles 10
100 miles 25
150 miles 9
200 miles 13
250 miles  
300 miles  


Katty has walked the most miles!