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Learning Support Assistants and Nursery Nurses

Mrs Angethangelou
Mrs Beckett
Mrs Camp
Mrs Cawdron
Mr Chapman
Mrs Dean
Mrs Dobbs
Miss Ducille
Mrs Flatman
Mrs Jones
Mrs Khan
Miss Lewis
Mrs Lucas
Mrs Seki
Mrs Smith
Mrs Ashman
Mrs Huckle
Miss Hughes
Mrs Imrie
Mrs Warwick
Mrs Westwood

Learning Support Assistant

Year Group/Responsibility

Mrs P Camp

Learning support in Year 1

Mr S Chapman

Learning support for children in the EYFS/ KS1 Zen Den.

Mrs S Cawdron

 Learning support in Year 5

Mrs T Beckett

Learning support in Year 2 and works with children that have English as an Additional Language

Miss D Ducille

  Learning support for children in the       EYFS/ KS1 Zen Den.

Mrs A Agathangelou (HLTA)

Learning support in Year 2 and PPA cover in KS1.

Mrs J Smith

Learning support in Year 5.

Mrs R Khan

Learning support and PPA cover in Year 3.

Mrs B Seki

Learning support in Year 1. 

Mrs A Dean (HLTA)

Learning support in Year 6 and PPA cover Years 5 and 6.

 Mrs K Flatman   Learning support in Year 4. 


Additional Learning Support Assistant

Role and Responsibility

Miss C Dobbs

Runs the ASD Learning Base for EYFS/ KS1.

Miss M Lewis

Runs Social, Emotional and Mental Health interventions in the school.

Works in the KS2 ASD base.

Mrs M Lucas

Works with children who require targeted Speech and Language intervention.

Works in the KS2 ASD base.

Mrs S Jones

Supports Nursery children during lunch provision.



Role and Responsibility

Mrs A Hughes


Mrs A Imrie


Mrs M Warwick


Mrs C Ashman


Mrs M Westwood


Mrs S Huckle

Nursery and Reception