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Walk to School Week

Last half term the Eco Committee decided that they wanted to tackle pollution. They decided that they wanted an effective way to tackle this issue and they came up with the idea of a Walk to School Week to help reduce the pollution levels around our school. To promote this project the Eco Committee designed posters about the benefits of walking to school in lowering pollution levels and the positive health benefits walking has. They then displayed the posters around school. We held our Walk to School week between Monday 17th October 2022 to Friday 21st October 2022. The classes with the highest total numbers of walkers for the week in Reception, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 would win a prize, class certificate and a badge. On the final day, to help support the Walk to School Week project, the children wore something green.


The winning classes were:

  • RA in Reception
  • 2G in KS1
  • 5R in KS2