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Toy Recycle Sale

Last academic year, the Eco Committee took part in a Social Enterprise Project where they had to choose an environmental issue they wanted to tackle and think of a way to raise money in order to help solve it. The pupils decided to tackle air pollution and to raise money they wanted to hold a Toy Sale using existing toys that were not being used anymore so that they did not end up being thrown in the bin or end up in landfill sites.


The pupils then asked the families of Becontree Primary School to donate toys that they did not want or use anymore so that the Eco Committee could sell them on again so that they could raise money to help improve the air quality in school.


To get the Eco Toy Recycle Sale started Mrs Doogan sold some of the toys in the local community at St Thomas' Church Christmas Fete on Saturday 18th November and raised £41. In school, the Toy Sale was held on Thursday 7th December and it was a great success. The Eco Committee were involved in setting up the stall, pricing the toys, selling the toys, taking money and giving change. They also came up with special deals to help sell some of the toys. All the toys sold out and we made £231 in school, bringing the grand total to £272. The Eco Committee will now use the money to buy plants to help improve the air quality in school.