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Trewern 2024

Day 1

A beautiful sunny day for our journey to Trewern. We met an excited group of children at Chadwell Heath station. Parents looked a bit nervous to part from their children for the week but managed to hold it together! Some parents even travelled along for the first part of the journey to Paddington.


After a bit of a wait at Paddington station for the train to Hereford, it finally arrived. Well done to Miss Gaughran and Mrs Cawdron for lifting 23 heavy suitcases on to the storage shelves!


An updated from Miss Gaughran this morning:


'The kids slept relatively well - all exhausted after a long day.


We've already had a request to bring Jen (the cook) home with us!


They managed to fit in a spin at the climbing wall after organising all their waterproofs and boots before heading to bed.'


Day 2

After a wet day all round, one group went caving and the other to visit a farm and gorge walking. 


The farm visit group were very lucky to witness the birth of a lamb! 


The kids were awed by the sight of both sheep and the limestone quarry ☺️


The kids slept well after a walk in the dark on the roads around Trewern.


They visited a church close by and got to touch a 2000-year- old yew tree, which one of the kids dubbed the Jesus tree 😂

Day 3

Yesterday was a really good day for the kids.


The first group visited the farm and witnessed the birth of twin lambs- a girl and boy. They then went gorge walking and were real troopers despite the rain. 


The other group had a morning walking up Mount Twampa and then climbing in the indoor climbing centre. 


Evening activities involved the tuck shop where torches and crystals were the popular buy! Lots of souvenirs purchased for parents and siblings too. 


Then they had great fun playing hide-n-seek in the dark. We had some very creative hiding spots! 



Day 4

On their last full day, group 1 enjoyed a mountain walk up Mt. Twmpa with beautiful views of the valley below. Then raced back to the centre to beat the rain and spent the afternoon in the climbing centre, meeting all kinds of challenges. 


Group 2 went caving and had a great day exploring the cave system. Mrs Cawdron almost touched a bat as she moved through a tight spot! People have been coming to the cave for hundreds of years. Some of the graffiti on the cave walls dates back more than 200 years.


After dinner, the kids started packing and returning the equipment to the right places. For some of them, this has proven their biggest challenge yet!