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Eco Committee

Eco Committee

What is the Eco Committee?


The Eco Committee is a group of pupils who meet each half term to discuss eco friendly and environmental issues within school which prepares children to live their future lives with consideration for global issues. There is one eco councillor from each class in Reception, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.


Why do we have an Eco Committee?


-To ensure our school is eco-friendly and prepares pupils to live with reflection of the environment.

-To make sure each class has a platform to voice their opinions.

-To discuss and raise issues related to the environment.


How did we select our class Eco Councillor?


The children completed an application form stating the reasons why they thought they would be a good Eco Councillor. The pupils then voted for their favourite eco councillor. Our Eco Committee has 14 members comprising of one child per class from Reception to Year 6, who were elected by members of their class.


The roles and responsibilities of the Eco Committee are to:

  • attend regular meetings.
  • discuss issues and think of solutions. 
  • express their own views and those of their peers.
  • be active in contributing to help lead changes that have been decided on environmental issues. 


What happens in the meetings?


We begin each year by assessing the most important environmental issues that may affect us and our community. We then use this to create objectives for the upcoming year. Throughout the year each Eco Councillor meets with their class to discuss ideas about changes and improvements to the school. The issues are then raised in meetings and Eco Councillors discuss how to move forward with these ideas.





    Coming soon:


    The children will be working on a Social Enterprise project. They will be getting a real-life experience of running a social enterprise project in school based on an idea that can help with environmental issues.  After winning the Dragon's Den Pitch, the children have decided to combat air pollution. To do this, they will organise and run a toy recycle sale at the school fete this summer to raise money. This will be used to buy plants and raise more awareness of the issue. Click on the following icons above: Pollution Monitors, Social Enterprise Project Workshops and Dragon's Den Social Enterprise winners to find out more about the project.

    Update: The Eco Toy Recycle Sale will now be held in the Autumn Term in the new school year. Look out for posters promoting it!