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School Uniform

Information explaining our school uniform and PE kit requirements with photographs.


School Uniform

Children should come to school sensibly dressed. It is the wish of the Governing Body that a school uniform should be worn. A uniform enhances the general impression of the school and its pupils. As a parent you will appreciate your child belonging to a school with a good public image and uniform plays a large part in this. Children will appreciate the contrast if they keep their leisure wear for changing into at home.


You are asked to ensure that your child wears the full uniform. The school colours are maroon V neck sweatshirt, available with a logo. These items are worn with grey trousers, grey shorts, grey skirts or grey pinafore dresses. Footwear should be sturdy black shoes or trainers with no coloured flashes. Socks or tights need to be plain and either white, grey or black. Children are expected to use maroon material if they need to wear head coverings for religious reasons and children with long hair must use simple head bands, also in maroon. Children wear a light blue collared shirt (long or short sleeved) with the official blue and maroon striped school tie. Children in nursery to year 2 may replace the shirt and tie with a light blue polo shirt if they wish or just wear the blue shirt without a tie if they can manage buttons. The office can give further advice on the uniform. Other than a wrist watch and small stud earrings, jewellery is not allowed. Our year 6 Buddies replace the blue shirt with a white one and the maroon V neck sweatshirt with a grey V neck sweat shirt.


Children are expected to wear the school uniform in the summer as a cotton shirt is just as cool as anything else. Children are not permitted to change their shirts for tee shirts or vest like tops. If it is very hot, we will tell the children they can remove their ties. Children need to wear sturdy footwear all year round and must not to wear open toed sandals (or flip flops) in the summer as they do not protect their feet sufficiently in the playground.


School ties have to be purchased from the office. Clip on ties cost £3 (and are much better for the younger children) and traditional ties are £2. The school office sells book bags for £4.30.


We ask you to ensure that your son/daughter is correctly dressed for school, and take this opportunity to state that the wearing of school uniform is an expectation and that failure to wear it may preclude your child from taking part in additional special activities such as non curriculum based excursions and the membership of after school clubs.


Becontree school uniform can be purchased from:

Premier Schoolwear, 688-690 Becontree Avenue, Dagenham, Essex. RM8 3HD

This shop is opposite Morrison’s Supermarket. You can also click here to order online.


If you have any difficulty meeting the cost of a uniform please contact the school so that alternatives, such as the Borough's scheme for financial assistance, may be discussed.


The aim of Barking and Dagenham's scheme of financial assistance is to help with the purchase of school clothing by means of a contribution - it is not intended to cover the full cost of such clothing. The rate of grant for pupils in, or going up into (in the following term), the reception, year 3 and year 5 classes is £15 in respect of each eligible pupil.


Application forms are available from Pupil/Student Services, Room 112, Education Department, Town Hall, Barking, Essex. IG11 7LU (Tel: 020 8227 3301).


All clothes should be labelled with your child's name. We will not take financial responsibility in the event of garments, or any other items, going missing, but if anything is found it is a lot easier to identify if it has a name on it.


For safety, only stud earrings may be worn. Other jewellery with the exception of a watch is not allowed other than items of accepted and exceptional religious significance.


It is strongly recommended that children bring an old shirt to wear during Art and Craft lessons to protect their clothing. However, even with such protection paint etc may still get onto their clothes. In such circumstances the school will not be held financially responsible.


Children with long hair should have it tied back for craft activities and all sport activities.


PE Kit

All children must have a PE kit. This includes a black pair of shorts and a white T-shirt, or a black leotard. Failure to bring a PE kit to school causes organisational problems and will be followed up by senior staff.


Parents are asked to supply a pair of plimsolls or trainers (with their child's name written inside) in a labelled bag for PE. These are used for athletics and games. Children also require a blue or grey sweatshirt and jogging trousers for outdoor PE lessons in the winter as, unless it rains, PE lessons go ahead outside all year round.


It is a Borough regulation that no jewellery should be worn during any physical activities and this rule should be adhered to. If parents choose to send children to school wearing earrings it is the children’s responsibility to remove them before PE and swimming lessons.


When children remove jewellery for the purpose of PE or swimming etc, the teacher is under no obligation to look after it, or any other items such as money. If the teachers do look after pupils’ property they will not be held responsible if it subsequently gets lost or broken.


PE is a part of the National Curriculum and all children are required to take part in it. A valid note or medical certificate is necessary in for children to be excused.


Children in years 3,4 and 5 children go swimming once a week for one term each. Girls must wear one-piece swimming costumes (not Lycra), while boys must wear swimming trunks (not long-legged loose shorts). A bathing hat is required for both boys and girls. Please note that goggles are not normally worn during swimming lessons, but may be done so under certain circumstances. Please contact the Headteacher if you need further details regarding this.