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Science - egg experiment

We have been finding out about teeth, so last week we started an experiment to find out how damaging different drinks could be to our teeth. We used egg shells to represent teeth because they are very similar to the material our teeth are made from and so react in a very similar way. We put egg shells into four different liquids: water, orange juice, blackcurrant cordial and cola. The results were amazing and a bit disgusting! Take a look at our photos below to see how much damage these drinks can do to your teeth.
Picture 1 Conducting a fair experiment
Picture 2 Orange Juice and water
Picture 3 Pepsi and cordial
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8 Our eggs have been in the liquids for three days
Picture 9 Water (after 1 week)
Picture 10 Water (after 1 week)
Picture 11 Cola (after 1 week)
Picture 12 Cola (after 1 week)
Picture 13 Orange Juice (after 1 week)
Picture 14 Orange Juice (after 1 week)
Picture 15 Blackcurrant cordial (after 1 week)
Picture 16 Blackcurrant cordial (after 1 week)