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Phase 3

When children are introduced to a letter, we use a multi-sensory way: they first hear and say the sound, then see the letter along side a mnemonic. Seeing the mnemonic helps them link the sound to the letter. Finally, they practise the movements needed to form the letter.


*A mnemonic is something that helps us to remember a topic or idea. A mnemonic could be a rhyme, a song, a picture and many more.


My letters and Sounds use pictures behind the letters, an alliteration sentence and an action as a mnemonic (used to help children remember).


In phase 3, sounds should be pronounced in a way that makes blending easier. To help support your child at home, the PowerPoints below provide an audio of the sounds, the alliteration sentence and the picture.

Once all 26 letters have been introduced, children learn digraphs (two letters that make one sound) and trigraphs (three letters that make one sound). 


The digraphs and trigraphs have mnemonics (things to help children remember): pictures, an alliteration sentence and an action or expression. Please use the Powerpoints to help support your children learn to hear, say, see and write the phase 3 digraph and trigraphs.