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Home Learning Activities

Apologies if we are not able to put up ALL pictures and videos sent - some formats are easier to post than others!

The children of key-workers, who have been coming into school, have made this beautiful banner. It is displayed outside the school. We think they did a beautiful job!


Atticus in 2G tried an experiment to create a  gravity-powered water siphon fountain. He sent in some instructions so that you could try it too! 


You will need:
•    Plastic bottle (with lid)
•    Straws
•    Sticky tape
•    Blue tack/ sealant
•    Scissors/ old pen
•    2 glasses
•    Water
•    Food colouring
•    Something to raise up your glass


1.    Get the plastic bottle and make 2 holes in its lid.
2.    Pop a straw through each hole & seal it with sealant or blue tack.
3.    Pour some water into the bottle & screw the lid back on.
4.    Next fill a glass with food colouring & water & put it on top of something tallish.
5.    Then pop a bowl next to it on the floor.
6.    Cover the end of the straw that sticks out of the bottle the furthest with your thumb.
7.    Tip your bottle up so that the shorter straw is in the glass & the longer one is in the bowl.
8.    Take your thumb off & watch it go!


Watch the video below to see how it worked.

Still image for this video