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Blitz display

Year 6 are very excited about this one! We are creating the first ICT-interactive display in our school using a free app called Aurasma. To start this project off, we first learnt about the blitz by watching videos and personal recounts of this time in history. We learnt about what people had to do to help stop the bombs from falling: the use of barrage balloons, the blackout and the individual bravery of people who fought to put out the fires from the exploded bombs. Even Barking and Dagenham were targeted in the Blitz by the German bombers. Please click on the link below to see just how many bombs fell on our locality. 




Produced by the British Government in October 1940, 'London Can Take It' is narrated by American journalist Quentin Reynolds and pays tribute to London and its people during the Blitz on the capital.