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The Naughty Elf

1.12.2021 Look Who is Back!!!

2.12.2021- Creating more mess in the First Aid Room

3.12.2021- Causing havoc in class 3J

6.12.2021 Causing disarray in Mrs Stonier's office

7.12.2021 Poor Mr Crowther finding this mess!

8.12.2021- Miss Gaughran was shocked this morning by what she found!

9.12.2021- 2LH classroom is disarray

10.12.2021-Naughty Elf helping himself to a prize!

13.12.2021- Mrs Allen found the Naughty Elf in her kitchen.

14.12.2021- Look who has been caught in the resource cupboard!

15.12.2021- Being mischievous in the Ada Lovelace suite

16.12.2021- A very Naughty Elf in Reception today

17.12.2021- Causing more chaos again!