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Dino Week

During Dino Week, the children from the reception classes and KS1 created some wonderful art and writing.  It is displayed in the library area outside Mrs Ziane's office.  Here are a few examples of the work displayed for you to see.

Dino Week Work

Some photos from the day some dinosaurs visited Becontree Primary

We have had such a roarsome time at school.  Dino week was so exciting!  We have been reading about dinosaurs, joining in with writing competitions about dinosaurs and creating different pictures and paintings - all about dinosaurs!  The most exciting event of all happened on Tuesday when the Education Group came to school with some of their very special friends.

Our day started with the dino dig.  We explored different bones and fossils and learnt some information about carnivores, herbivores and the various creatures that roamed the planet before the dinosaurs.

Then, in the afternoon, something amazing happened!  We were joined by a baby raptor called Jack who was very funny and very cheeky. 

The biggest treat of all was when Millie the 7 year old T-Rex arrived!  She was incredible!  At first, some of the little ones thought she was a little bit scary, but they soon came to realise she wasn't and everyone got to stroke her and have their photo taken with her.  It was so much fun!

What an incredible week we have had - one to remember for a very long time!  Have a look at the photos and you will see some of the amazing experiences we have had.

Many thanks, Mrs Holbornasaurus