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Roles and Responsibilities


What are the roles and responsibilities of the School Council?


  • To express both their own views and those of other children.
  • To communicate their feelings to adults.
  • To attend regular meetings.
  • To give up some of their personal time.
  • To help make POSITIVE changes.


The School Council consists of 20 elected members representing Years 2-6; one boy and girl from each class. Councillors are supported by Mr Harvey and Mrs Ziane to turn their ideas into ACTIONS. School Councillors enjoy working within our school and want to make a difference and have their voices heard.

We aim to keep you up to date with all the exciting changes and developments that we have been discussing in our regular meetings as well as how we are planning to make sure that changes HAPPEN in our school!


School Councillors 2023-2024


School Council Chairperson:  


School Council Secretary:  




    Upcoming Events:


    Next School Council Meeting - TBC


    UK Parliament Tour - 6th December 2023


    The visit begins in the Education Centre watching a 15-minute, 360-degree film on the history of the UK Parliament which explores how our democracy developed and how it works today. This is followed by a tour of the Palace of Westminster where these themes come to life in the rooms where our democracy happens.


    Current School Council Documents/Tasks


    School councillors have encouraged their classmates to place their suggested improvements in the suggestion boxes so that we can discuss them at our next meeting.

    2022 - 2023 School Council Events

    City Hall Visit and End of Year Treat

    London Cable Car Ride

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