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Health and Well-Being

Becontree’s  Health and Well-Being Recovery Curriculum


At the centre of our thinking, Becontree Primary school have put the children’s well-being at the upmost importance.  Children will have all experienced many different experiences and may have had to deal and cope with new challenges.


With this in mind, we have thought about the most effective way to support our children at Becontree Primary school. This approach will encompass and support the academic expectations and ensure a positive and efficient return to school.


Our Health and Well-Being Recovery Curriculum consists of 5 areas. Weekly lessons will cover all 5 areas this half term. Here are Becontree’s 5 areas:


  • Area 1- Supporting children to rebuild positive relationships with others.


  • Area 2- Supporting children to manage feelings and emotions


  • Area 3- Supporting children to enjoy and achieve



  • Area 4- Supporting children’s physical health and well-being


  • Area- Supporting children’s sense of community.



Take a look at our photographs to see examples of some of our work.V

Welcome to our Healthy Schools page.          




In September 2018, Becontree signed up to an awards programme set up by Healthy Schools London. This programme aims to assess how well schools prepare children towards leading healthy lifestyles- making the right food choices and staying active.


Our Healthy Schools Co-ordinator is Mr Hack.


Since signing up, we have applied for the bronze award. We continue to work towards making sure that  pupils have the best and healthiest start in life. 




In May 2019, we received the Bronze Healthy Schools Award. We are now working towards the Silver Award.


At Becontree Primary School, to help support and promote Health and Well-Being, we have a specialist Learning Support Assistant. 


Miss Lewis runs social and emotional mental health interventions in the morning. The I interventions include Lego therapy, mentoring, art therapy and self-esteem programmes, e.g Dove Project and Counselling. She is also one of our Mental Health First Aiders.


In the afternoon, Miss Lewis runs a Nurture Group for children who require additional support to help develop their social and emotional skills. She encourages language skills, turn taking and listening.



At Becontree Primary School, we now have 5 members of staff who have attended the Youth Mental Health First Aid Two Day course and are now Youth Mental Health First Aiders.


The course taught in-depth skills for providing first aid to people who may be experiencing mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and psychosis.  


Being a Youth Mental First Aider does not provide a person with the knowledge and skills to be a therapist. However, it does provide the first aider to recognise the symptoms of mental health issues, provide initial help and enable a young person to access appropriate professional help.


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