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Physical Education Vision Statement: Becontree Primary School

DfE Vision: All pupils leave primary school physically literate and with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy, active lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.


Our Vision

At Becontree Primary School, we strongly believe that all children should have access to a thoroughly planned, progressive physical education programme, which places a real emphasis on developing a wide range of physical competences, while encouraging healthy competition and teamwork.


Throughout their time at Becontree Primary School, our teachers strive to equip all children with the necessary skills, knowledge and range of physical experiences to motivate them to lead lifelong active, healthy lifestyles in which they continue their participation in physical activity and sport.



Our physical education curriculum is carefully planned to include a range of indoor and outdoor based lessons throughout the year and provides a varied and progressive learning programme. All children will receive at two hours of engaging, high quality and enjoyable physical education lessons per week. Appropriate provision is in place to support a range of learning needs and abilities and ensure positive outcomes for all children. See overviews below.



Through PE and physical activity, children will:

  • participate in a wide range of sports and physical activities;
  • develop and apply teamwork skills;
  • develop resilience, determination and drive to achieve their best;
  • compete in a range of competitive events;
  • organise and lead their own activities, events and games, where appropriate;
  • develop and model the skills of ‘good sportsmanship’, including respect for rules and the ability to win or lose gracefully.



Outdoor Overview- Updated 2020/2021

Indoor Overview- updated 2021