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How we Communicate in School

Communicating with Children 

There a range of different ways in which we aid communication with our children. 


Individual Visual Schedules

Each child has their own visual schedule with symbols or objects to show show them where they are going and what activity they are doing throughout the day.


Now and Next Boards

Children use a 'Now and Next' board when they are working. This allows them to see what is happening in order. We allow the children to make a choice about what/where they will go next, so that they know once they have completed their task they get to participate in a fun activity of their choice. This helps to motivate children and reduce their anxiety. 


Widget Symbols

Widget symbols are used extensively to support children's understanding of language (receptive language) and how children use words to express themselves (expressive communication) in The ARP. 


If you would like more information about how we communicate then please speak to Miss Edlin.  We will be happy to provide you with more information. 



Communicating with Parents

We recognise the important contribution parents make to their child’s learning and work hard to communicate with parents regularly, either in person, by phone, email or via the home-

school communication books. 


Parents are encouraged to communicate any pertinent information. We recognise that our children may have challenging moments at home and on the way to school. Parents are encouraged to share this information with staff in order for us to adapt the day to ensure that a child is calm and available for learning. Each child will have a 'Home/School' Communication Book where parents/carers are invited to share anything that they want The ARP staff to know. The ARP staff will also use this book to share information with parents as well on a weekly basis. 


We also welcome parents speaking directly to staff at the end of the school day. If you need to speak to someone urgently then please contact the office and a message we be passed to a member of The ARP team. 

School Office: 02028 270 4900 or email