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Race and Social Justice

At Becontree Primary School, we aim to provide a fully inclusive school in which every person feels proud of their identity and is able to participate fully within the school community. We believe that a diverse school community is a strength which should be respected and celebrated by all those who learn, teach and visit here. These statements are enshrined in one of our school values, ‘Respecting One Another.’  


We fully support the Race and Social Justice project and are working towards the actions outlined in the Race and Social Justice charter, which can be found below. For further information on how we are implementing these actions, please refer to our School Development Plan. 



What is the Race and Social Justice (RSJ) Project? 

The RSJ Project is a Barking and Dagenham initiative to ensure that all our young people, particularly the most disadvantaged, should have the best possible start in life. The aims of the project are:

• Students’ experience of school, educational outcomes and life chances must not be adversely impacted by ethnic background or racial group

• The staff and leadership of our schools and borough must fully reflect our diversity

• Schools’ curriculum must reflect and celebrate the diversity of our borough


How does the project work?

Each school has a RSJ leader who has overall responsibility.

Mrs Stock is the RSJ leader

Cori Louis is the RSJ Governor


There are four key areas that the school need to consider when implementing any changes to meet the aims set out in the project. These are:

  • School Culture
  • Leadership and Staff Experience
  • Pupil Experience and Inclusion
  • Curriculum 


In order to meet these aims, we have pledged to follow the Race and Social Justice Charter which can be found below. 


Race and Social Justice Charter

Below are some of the diverse books that children at Becontree enjoy reading!

The World Around Us Workshop 


Children had the opportunity to work with a drama group called Drama Geezers. They embarked on an unforgettable journey entitled “The World and Us”. Through a captivating storytelling workshop, they explored both their and the school communities Identity and Diversity. 

The workshop ended with a big celebration with all the children being proud of who they are. 

‚ÄčThe children finished the session by drawing their self portrait on our huge paper.


For photographs of the session, please go to the gallery section of the website.