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Social Enterprise Project Workshops

The Eco Committee had two 90 minute workshops with Ivy from the Social Enterprise Academy. In Workshop 1, Ivy got to know the children by playing warm up games with them. She then explained what a social enterprise project was by making them understand that social enterprises are businesses set up for a social purpose, these help to solve a problem in society. As the Eco Committee we would be helping to solve an environmental issue. The children were asked to work in pairs or small groups and they had to list all the environmental issues that were important to them and give reasons why. Finally, all the children got to present their important ideas to the rest of the committee. In Workshop 2, Ivy focussed on the business side of the enterprise project by asking the children to pitch their ideas on how to sell something. We looked at what would be important such as, price, where to buy it from, age range and materials it would be made from. The children really had to persuade the audience to buy the item. We then discussed how we could raise money for our social enterprise project. In our groups, we then had to narrow down the environmental issue we would want to focus on and we presented our ideas to each other. The next step for the Eco Committee will be to select one environmental issue and one fundraising idea for us to promote in school.

Update: For the Social Enterprise Project the Eco Committee have decided to tackle air pollution around school as their environmental issue based on the high air pollution levels from data analysed in the air quality monitors. To raise money for this issue they want to have a Toy Sale using toys that are not wanted anymore in order to recycle and reuse them by selling them on again. With the money raised they will buy plants for the school to help improve the air quality in and around school. They will also design posters to encourage cars to stop idling to help lower the pollution levels around the school car park.