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E-Safety and Gacha Apps

We have recently been made aware, by some year 6 pupils, of concerns regarding an online app/game called Gacha. Gacha is an anime game which is aimed at primary aged children. Whilst the app itself is innocent, e.g. dressing up characters etc. there have been reports of the content being used to create inappropriate YouTube videos including references to, e.g. sex, suicide and bullying.


There are, sadly, people who post inappropriate content on YouTube designed to look innocent and appealing to children, often based on popular apps or TV programmes. While it is tempting to stop children from  using certain apps or YouTube altogether, this is not always the best solution. Our advice remains as follows:


  • Follow the age restrictions for websites and apps. These offer a good guide as to whether an app or service is appropriate for your child.
  • Check and turn on privacy settings in apps and websites, and set up parental controls on your broadband service.
  • Don’t participate in any anonymous chat – turn off the chat option if possible.
  • Block and report any inappropriate contact.
  • Keep family computers in a communal area so that you can talk about and share what children are doing online


Most importantly, keep the conversation open with your children. Talk to them about what they are doing online, celebrate the exciting stuff (there is lots of exciting stuff out there) and remind them of the importance of keeping private information to themselves and not taking risks.


You can find more advice and useful links on our safeguarding page.