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Fiver Challenge Enterprise Day

As part of the maths and PSHE curriculum, year 6 have been working away diligently on the Fiver Challenge, where they have been given some money to spend on creating a profitable business. They are very excited about running their businesses on Thursday 25th June 2015 in the Sunshine Hall.


All children from years 1 to 5 will be invited to attend this special event in class groups during Thursday afternoon where they will have the opportunity to purchase the products on sale. The prices vary from 20p for ice pops to 60p for a mocktail.


It is an exciting event with all items on offer for less than a pound.  The children will be selling items such as: scratch art, the best cup-cakes around, glitter tattoos, games, chocolate strawberries and much more!


Last year was very successful thanks to everyone’s support. The children made a profit of approximately £275. This year we hope to do as well and afterwards the children will be selecting a charity to whom they wish to donate their profit. We will keep you informed as to what happens on the website and already there are some examples of their work to see in the gallery with more to follow.