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TV Club

TV club is exciting and fun. We learn how to video films. Our latest programs are Fit Kids and News. You will laugh when you watch Fit Kids! Fit Kids is a short film where different people do some exercise and you can join in.


Q= Question   A= Answer


Q: What do we do at TV club?


A: In TV club we learn how to film things where there is often a director. We also do animations where we have a special camera to help us. We also edit films so that we improve the films and get them ready to put on the TV.


Q: What have we been doing lately?


A: Most recently we have been doing a little film called Fit Kids, News and some animations. You can check out the recent things we’ve done, on the school TV.


Q: Is TV club exciting and fun?

A: Yes, because in TV club it’s always about something new and we never get bored, also we never ever leave someone out.     


Q: What is your favourite activity to do in TV club?

A: Our favourite things to do is making films, because we always have fun planning and recording it, and we always end up having a good laugh, in the end. We also like animating, because it’s fun taking thousands of screenshots and editing them together, it’s also fun watch them in the end, knowing that our hard work has finally paid off!  The last thing is it’s funny to watch the bloopers, since it’s usually of all of us having fun and making funny faces towards the camera.


Q: What are we planning to do in the future?

A: Well, we are hoping to do more animation, involving more screenshots of animated paper - which takes hours and hours to make. But its fun to watch them at the end, because it’s amazing how the little tweaks we made, seemed to make such a wonder!  


If you have any ideas come and chat to one of our TV club members, in year 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1.


Ariana and Shakira and Sara